Ungrinded Black Pepper
    125 gr - 1/4 lb

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    Dry fruit of the pepper plant. Running plant has fruits that are spicy and hot. The spicy flavor is used to flavor food and make it more delicious. The seed is grinded and comes in the colors black, white and red.

    Each pack contains 125 gr (1/4lb) Ungrinded Black Pepper.


    Black pepper is very beneficial for the body since it causes weight loss, helps better digestion, cures congestion, sore throat, sinusitis, cold, strong anti oxidant, prevents fever and shiver, prevents toothache and prevents kidney stone. Also the infusion is good for constipation, increases appetite, anti bloating and anti poison. Product is good for rheumatoid pains, prevents diarrhea and cold, improves memory loss, anxiety, stress and nervousness.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Do not use this product during this period of time.


    Keep pepper away from children. For sensitive individuals it may cause allergy. This product must not be used excessively since it damages the nervous system, digestive system, prostatis and osteosclerosis. If excessive amount of this product is taken orally, side effects such as dry mouth, headache, nausea, diarrhea, stress and allergy appear.


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