Dried Orange Blossom
125gr - 1/4lb

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The peel, flower, leaf, fruit and juice are used to make medicine. Orange Blossom is used for drying, craft and floral hobbies. Also used for weight loss, upset stomach and exercise performance.

Each pack contains 125 gr (1/4 lb) Dried Organic Orange Blossom flowers.


Active ingredient called Synephrine.


In food, the oil is used as a flavoring agent. Also oil is used for treatment of Fungal skin infections, Athlete's foot and Jock. Fruit is used to make marmalade and liqueurs. This herb may be used before surgery to decrease nervousness and anxiety.

Side effects and safety

High blood pressure, increases heart rate. Safe for children and adults. Oil is safe when applied to the skin or inhaled as aromatherapy. This herb is unsafe when used as weight loss. Fainting, heart attack, stroke, headache and sensitivity to the sun can be some of the side effects.

Pregnancy and lactation

Unsafe during this time. The effects of Bitter Orange on breast feeding infant's are not known. Stay on the safe side and avoid using Bitter Orange during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Special precautions

For people with diabetes, monitor blood sugar levels closely. Avoid using Bitter Orange with stimulants such as caffeine or if you have high blood pressure. For people with glaucoma, it can worsen the disease. For people with heart diseases, it can increase the risk and side effects. Causes irregular heart beat used with caffeine. Avoid using if you have irregular heartbeat.


Stop using Bitter Orange 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery if you have irregular heartbeat.

Drug interactions

Medications for depression interact with Bitter Orange. Midazolan interacts with Bitter Orange. Caffeine interacts with Bitter Orange. Dextromethorphan interacts with Bitter Orange. Felodipine interacts with Bitter Orange. Indinavir interacts with Bitter Orange. Medication changed by liver, medication that cause irregular heart beat and stimulant drugs all interact with Bitter Orange.


For treatment of fungal skin infections, pure oil of Bitter Orange has been applied once daily for 1-3 weeks. Dried herb can be used in fair amounts.


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