Folic acid
Iron Deficiency, Anemia

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One of group B vitamins existing in some vegetables. Prevents anemia in adults. Prevents micrositic anemia or secondary megaloblastic to folic acid.

Each pack contains 100 coated Folic acid tablets.


This vitamin is necessary for the construction of DNA and some essential reactions in the normal metabolism of the body. Folic acid is considered as an important nutritious substance in preventing the defects of the neural tube during pregnancy and also reducing the danger of being diagnosed with Atherosclerosis which is related to the upper surface of Hemosistain.

Instructions and how to use

One tablet daily and if required consult a physician for higher dosages.

Side effects

Take low dosages. May cause heart attack for people with heart problems when taken in high dosages. Possible side effects are abdominal cramps, diarrhea, rash, sleep disorders, irritability, confusion, nausea, stomach upset, behavior changes, skin reactions, seizures, gas and excitability.

Pregnancy and lactation

Product is safe to use during this time.


May cause cancer in high doses, heart attack and seizure disorder.

Drug interaction

Fosphenytoin, rheumatrex, luminal, dilantin, mysolin and daraprim interact with folic acid.


Store at normal room temperature.


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