Migraine, Panic Attack

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For Migraine, Tension and headaches due to panic and neural attacks.

Each box contains 30 F.C. Migragol tablets.


Veleriana officinalis 50 mg
Salix alba              50 mg
Foeniculum vulgare 50 mg
Melissa officinalis    50 mg
Flavonoids as Quercetin 0.25 mg

Instructions and How to use

When first signs of headache appear, one to two tablets should be taken and one hour later this amount should be repeated. For prevention, one tablet should be taken twice a day.


When first signs of migrane attacks appear.

People who are sensitive to aromatic medical herbs, must use this product with precaution.

Usage of this medicine may irritate the effect of other tranquilizers.

If any kind of allergy exists in applying medical herbs, this medication must be used under the supervision of your physician.

This product must not be taken during pregnancy, but is allowed during breast feeding.

Side effects

This product is forbidden for patients who have cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, hemophilia, asthma and severe intestinal diseases.


Product must be kept at below 30 degrees centigrade and protected from light and humidity.


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