Eucalyptus Oil
Disinfectant, Sinus Relief

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Cold incense and inhaler, disinfectant of breath canals, respiratory track disinfectant, soothes Sinuses with antimicrobe effect on sinuses, disinfectant of cold and influenza viruses at home residency and work place. Antimicrobe effect.

Each pack contains 18 cc non edible Eucalyptus Oil.


Preparation of one kilogram of natural and pure extract requires processing of several hundred kilograms of this plant. Therefore resultant oil is very thick and fragrant with a large amount of active substance.

Instructions and how to use

Pour 10 drops of the oil in the inhaler device or boiling water inside a kettle and inhale it under a sheet, or emit the steam in the room.


Eyes must be closed at the time of inhaling.

Period of consumption

The product must be used until desirable result is achieved.


Keep the oil in dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.


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