Muscular Pain, Anti Inflammation

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    Topical gel for relief of musculoskeletal pain, anti inflammation.

    Each tube contains 75 g Aromix topical gel.


    Based on 0.185% menthol and 2.18%. 1.8 cineole in product.

    Instructions and how to use

    Three times daily, each time one thin layer should be rubbed on swollen, painful area.


    In case any severe allergy to the components of the product is seen.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Usage of this product during pregnancy and lactation is allowed, nevertheless it is better to prevent using any sort of medicine during the first three months of pregnancy.

    Side effects

    If used appropriately and to the right amount, no side effects are observed, nevertheless slight to medium skin allergies such as soreness and redness of the skin have been observed in certain sensitive people. In this case, usage of the product must be terminated and your physician's consultation is necessary.


    No such have been reported.

    Important notes

    Product must be kept far from reach of children.

    Close lid immediately after use.

    Keep product far from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade.

    Before using the product, rub a certain amount on the area close to the wrist, if after 12-24 hours no signs of skin allergy such as redness, soreness and itchiness are seen, you may start the use of Aromix.

    It may be better to use plastic surgery gloves while using the product.

    Be aware that there is no contact of the product with eyes or area around the eyes.

    After usage of product, be aware not to exercise.

    Be aware not to apply product on wounds or injuries.

    It may be better not to use the product at sleeping hours.

    Pay close attention to the expiration date of the product.


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