Improves loss Of Appetite

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Herbal coated tablets which are a herbal complimentary for loss of appetite, tonic and orexigenic for anorexia, weakness, fatigue and hepatobiliary dyspepsia. It provides part of the necessary minerals and vitamins of the body during recovery period of patients and for nutrition of seniors.

Each box contains 50 Chicoridin tablets.


3-5 mg total polyphenols as pyrogallol in each tablet.

Instructions and How to use

Three times daily, each time 1-2 tablets, half an hour before meal. (used 4-8 weeks, decrease use gradually until complete termination of product. If necessary after couple months, repeat usage of product the same way as before).

Drug interactions

Please pay attention to the synergic effects of the medication alongside blood sugar reducing medicine.

Side effects

Rarely any sort of allergic reactions related to the herbs used in this product have been reported.


Children are not recommended to use this product.


Kept at below 30 degrees centigrade, away from light and humidity.

Important notes

Product must be far from reach of children.


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