Fragrance Castor Oil, Purgative

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    Fragrance Laxaricin purgative used to empty stomach and intestines before surgery, check-ups, colonoscopy and radiology.

    Each bottle contains 40 grams Laxaricin Purgative.


    Acts as a very good laxative before surgery and colonoscopy. Well known purgative. Due to its purgative effect and influence on the acceleration of evacuation, this product is used by patients before medical operations and radiography.


    Castor oil, ready for emulsion and consumption.

    Instructions and how to use

    Acts as a laxative during night before surgery, colonoscopy or radiology. Dinner must be eaten earlier and in the form of soft liquid. Laxaricin must be taken 2-3 hours after dinner, 1-2 bottles of Laxaricin filled with boiling water, depending on the patient's weight and shaken well. This milky colored, flavored and full of fragrance emulsion, as a result must be completely taken. In children above 2 years of age, this product must be taken with consultation of a physician and equivalent to 5-20 ml of emulsion must be taken. Following this procedure, 1-2 glasses of warm water must be drank. If Laxaricin emulsion is used as a laxative for relief of constipation, 5-10 ml, once a week must be used. Remaining amount must be kept in refrigerator and before consumption must reach room temperature and shaken well before use.

    Side effects

    Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue. If used properly, there are no side effects.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    This product must not be used during this time and people who are sensitive to castor oil.

    Drug interactions

    None exist.


    This product must be used with caution during menstruation and is contraindicated in intestinal obstruction.


    Store at below 30 degrees centigrade and protect from light and moisture.


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