Roghan Khashkhash Barij
Sedative, lenitive

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Sedative, lenitive. Soothes ear aches and headaches. Mood of medication is cold and humid.

Each pack contains 30 ml Roghan Khashkhash Barij (poppy oil).


Based on 62 to 75% Linoleic acid in product.

Instructions and how to use

Rub on forehead three times a day.

Three times a day each time 2-3 drops poured in ear.

Side effects

No specific side effects have been reported.

Drug interactions

More convenient not to be used simultaneously with Neurological drugs.

Restrictions and important notes

Product must be used with care in case of Brain Reflux, Epilepsy, Paralysis and Seizures. In these situations product must be used under the supervision of a traditional medicine specialist.

Prevent rubbing poppy oil behind the head.

Usage of this product is restricted during pregnancy and lactation.

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to use this product.

Product must be kept far from reach and sight of children.


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