Glucoherb Barij
Hypoglycemic, Reduces Blood Sugar

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Hypoglycemic. Blood sugar reducer.

Each pack contains 45 Glucoherb Barij tablets.


Based on at least 1.1 mg chlorogenic acid & 6 mg oleuropein in each tablet.

Instructions and how to use

In adults, one tablet must be taken three times a day. Excessive use of the product more than the prescribed amount is not allowed.


No such has been reported.

During pregnancy, lactation and for children

Since there are no adequate documents, consumption of this product for children, during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited.

Side effects

Due to the results of a clinical study, no side effects have been reported.

Drug interactions

Has not been verified. Nevertheless theoretically, consumption of this product with other blood sugar reducing medicine will strengthen it's effect.

Work with machines and Driving

Has not been verified.

Important notes

Keep product far from reach of children.

Excessive daily consumption is not allowed.

If you have forgotten to use the product in one turn, do not increase the amount of the product in the next turn.

Pay attention to the expiration date of the product, and prevent using expired products.

Keep product in a closed lid container, far from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade room temperature.


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