MG Barij Ointment

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Rectal Ointment for Hemorrhoid grade I or II, Anal fissure.

Each tube contains 30g MG Barij Ointment.


Based on 6-7.5% 1,8 cineole in product. Also contains oil of Myrtus Communis.

Instructions and how to use

If your consulting physician has not given any other prescription, use product twice a day for two weeks, each time one applicator used through the rectal.


No specific restrictions exist for MG Barij Ointment.

Side effects

If used more than the prescribed amount, there are chances of appearance of topical allergic reactions.

Drug interactions

There are no documents existing based on the interacting effect of this product with other medicine.

During pregnancy and lactation

There is not enough information on the usage of this product during pregnancy and lactation.

Important notes

Keep MG Barij far from sight and reach of children.

Before using this product, there must be a correct recognition of the degree of the hemorrhoid which is necessary.

Before using ointment, clean and wash the rectal area with lukewarm water.

Complete the recovery period.

If any severe symptoms or side effects are observed, please contact and consult with your physician.

If Hemorrhoid and anal fissure occur simultaneously, MG Barij is recommended.

Close the lid of the tube immediately after usage.

Keep product far from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade room temperature.


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