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    Tranquilizer. Hypnotic. Used for nervousness and anxiety.

    Each pack contains 30 Gol-Sleep capsules.

    Instructions and how to use

    Take one capsule daily, a couple of hours before sleep with some water. The intake of the capsule can be increased to 2-4 capsules daily if necessary.

    Side effects

    Drowsiness and slight digestive side effects can be observed in some people.


    Product must not be used at least 2 hours before driving. The hypnotic effect of this medication will intensify with the intake of other hypnotic medication. This product is not recommended to patients with sensitivity or allergy to herbal medicines. Keep product far from reach of children. Patients with liver problems are prohibited to use this product.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    It is not recommended to use this product during this time.


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