Dried White Amani Lime
125gr - 1/4lb

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Organic Omani (Amani) dried Limes are sun dried products which are usually used as spice in Iranian dishes.

Each pack contains 125g (1/4lb) Dried Organic Amani Lime.

Nutritional use

This product is used as a spice, slices and whole in Iranian cuisine such as Ghorme Sabzi which is one of the most known dishes in Iran.

Medicinal Use

 It is used as an anti inflammatory, relieving complications of vitamin C deficiency, headache, cough and colds.

Side Effect

Omani Lemon absorbs harmful substances and fat during cooking like a sponge; therefore it is suggested to take out its left over when you are done cooking.

Pregnancy and lactation

Not to be used during pregnancy.


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