Hormone Balance

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Used for cure of menopause symptoms (hot flashes, nightly sweats), balance of disorders and prevention of PMS symptoms. If any blockage of menstruation occurs, this product can balance the cycle and regain its usual pattern.

Each pack contains 100 Agnogol tablets.


Dry extract of five finger plant (Vitex - agnus Castus), which improves menopause and hot flash symptoms.

Side effects

Rarely itchiness and slight digestive disorder may occur.

Pregnancy and lactation

Avoid use of this product during this time. During lactation the medicine is transferred through the milk to the infant, therefore avoid use of this product during lactation.


This product must not be used with progesterone containing medicine and contraceptives.

Instructions and how to use

One tablet each night from the fifth night of the menstruation cycle, used for 21 nights. Product must be discontinued for 7 nights and repeated with the same pattern until the menstruation cycle maintains its balance and pattern.

In order to cure menopause disorders, take one tablet each night.

Drug interaction

Must not be taken with Dopamin antagonists since it decreases it's effect.


Store product in cool and dry place.


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