Kharatin Oil - female
Breast Enlargement, Anti Aging

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Breast booster (enlargement), buttocks booster (enlargement) and cheek booster. Prevents aging and breast wrinkles due to menopause.

Contains 30 mg Traditional Organic Medical Oil with Kharatin Oil (Leech).


No chemical or hormonal substances exist in this product.

Mechanism of effect

By increasing blood circulation of the desired tissue, use of this product will increase the growth of the tissue and by nutrition of the tissue and strengthening it's protein, re-freshness will return to the organ.

Instructions and how to use

Twice daily, each time massage for three minutes on the desired organ and if necessary wash and clean several hours later. For external use only.


In order to test the product for prevention of any allergies, it is better to test the product twice on the inner arm and if no redness or itching occurs, product can be easily used.

Complimentary products

This oil has been enriched with Black seeds, Sodab and Ginseng and therefore needs no complimentary product.

Period of recovery

First signs of improvement appear 2 months after usage of product and significant signs of change appear in the tissue up to 6 months after usage of the product.


Pregnant women and patients with psoriasis or any other severe allergies are forbidden to use the product.

Side effects

Itching may appear in some cases, therefore product must be less used.


Product will be expired 3 years after production. Keep at 15-30 degrees centigrade room temperature, far from reach and sight of children.


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