Slim Quick
Slimming, Appetite Loss

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A herbal medicine used as an aid to slimming and lowering of appetite.

Each pack contains 30 coated tablets of Slim Quick.


Each tablet contains

Dry extract and seeds of:
Anethum graveolens L.    40mg
Apium graveolens L.        20mg
Camellia Sinesis L.   
(Green tea) ext.                190mg
Stands on: 1.5-2mg Flavonoid-o-Glycoside

Instructions and how to use

Take one coated tablet of Slim Quick, three times daily half an hour before each meal with a small amount of water. With respect to the body weight, use may increase the intake of the tablet to two tablets taken three times daily.


Patients who are allergic to herbal medicine or are taking blood pressure reducing medicine, should take this product with care and under a physician's consultation.

Side effects

Patients who have a sensitive digestive system may rarely coincide with some slight digestive disorders which will disappear within time.

Pregnancy and lactation

This product is not recommended during pregnancy and must be consulted with a physician during lactation time.


Product must be kept below 30 degrees centigrade and far from reach of children.


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